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Seiwa Marine Electronics wholesale in your contry is the new direct wholesales channel dedicated to UK Marine Resellers and Boatyards who want to cut costs and buy electronic equipments directly from manufacturer. Thanks to the SeiwaDirect organization, the whole Seiwa range of products is always available for immedtae shipping and the lead time is fixed on max 2 working days from acknowledgement of you order.

The SeiwaDirect key objective is to offer to Marine Resellers the "virtual stock concept", where dealer can propose Seiwa products and is sure that goods will be shipped immediatelly, even in drop shipping to the final customer, without additional costs. Finally, on all products purchased on, there will be applied 3 years extended full warranty. provides following services:

Seiwa's commercial proposal

Cut your costs!
Review your stock concept
Skip all intermediaries
Buy directly from Seiwa manufacturer,
skip importer, distributor and agent
Save money, cut costs, buy from
differenciate your offering

Diversify your offering

Stop offering always the same products,
same brands as all other your competitors!
Stop having outdated stock

Stop having outdated stock

SeiwaDirect keeps up to date stock for you,
and will ship goods within 2 working days
No freight costs, also in Drop Shipping

No freight costs, even in Drop Shipping

You will not pay any freight costs, regardless
of dimensions, weight and destination, within in UK
Products at top of C-MAP technology

Products at top of C-MAP technology

Products are developed in accordance with top C-Map standard since 1984; Seiwa, the first C-Map OEM ever!
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Seiwa's services to marine customers

Seiwa marine chartplotter and fishfinders

Seiwa European Office

AvMap S.r.l.u.

Viale Zaccagna, 6
54033 Carrara (MS) Italy



Seiwa Marine Electronics products categories
Seiwa complete stock

Stock available, ready for delivery

Seiwa maintains complete stock of products ready for shipping, to guarantee customers that there will not waste time for receiving goods.
Shipping whiting 48 hours

Immediate shipping, fast delivery

TNT is the SeiwaDirect's partner for delivery. Goods will be shipped from Italy to every destination in UK, islands included, without adding any freight cost. The Price List shows exactly the final cost!
Seiwa invoice in CEE

Certificared products, ready to be imported

All Seiwa products have documents and certification aligned with all major international regulations and all of them are ready to be imported in your country.
Seiwa customer support customer service

Customer Service

If you need more info about products or prices, please contact at any time.
Seiwa technical support technical service in Europe

Technical Support

For any type of technical needs, installation or repair issues, you can contact the Technical Support staff at
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What is inside is the official Seiwa website dedicated to Marine Resellers and Boatyards.

This site contains Seiwa official technical documentation, images and all possible information to support Dealers, Resellers and Customer in general, around the world; do not hesitate to contact us for any question writing to

This site contains Seiwa official data, documents and tutorials related to newest as well as legacy products: software for updating, manuals, information about connections and installation, images for your site (if you offer Seiwa products), etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: all information and documentation are available for free.

The following are the detailed website contents: seiwa official wholesale site
Seiwa in Europe
How Seiwa is distributed in Europe
 Seiwa products distribution in Europe
Seiwa products distribution in Europe seiwa official wholesale site
Seiwa in the World
Seiwa’s worldwide sales network
Seiwa worldwide distribution network
Seiwa worldwide distribution network seiwa official wholesale site
Dealer Special Program
The special program for resellers of the following countries
Seiwa reseller special program
Seiwa reseller special program seiwa official wholesale site
Who is Seiwa
Seiwa is developing Marine equipment since 1984...
Seiwa Marine Equipment Manufacturer since 1984
Seiwa Marine Equipment Manufacturer since 1984 seiwa official wholesale site
Register for free
If you are a marine reseller or a Boatyard, register for free
Register for free to access Reserved Area
Register for free to access Reserved Area seiwa official wholesale site
Seiwa complete Catalogue
Click here to visit the seiwa updated general Catalogue
Seiwa's marine electronic instruments catalogue
Seiwa's marine electronic instruments catalogue seiwa official wholesale site
Price List
Register, enter the Reserved Area and download the Pricelist
Seiwa official price list
Seiwa official price list seiwa official wholesale site
Software Update
The latest Software to use your instruments at 100%
Seiwa software update
Seiwa software update seiwa official wholesale site
High and low resolution file of Seiwa's Catalogue
Seiwa download PDF catalogue for free
Seiwa download PDF catalogue for free seiwa official wholesale site
Download for free manuals for your Seiwa instruments
Seiwa manuals download
Seiwa manuals download seiwa official wholesale site
Technical Specifications
All detalied documentation available online
Seiwa technical specifications
Seiwa technical specifications seiwa official wholesale site
Compatibility Table
Table about Seiwa products compatibility
Seiwa compatibility table
Seiwa compatibility table seiwa official wholesale site
Drilling templates
All documentation and schemes to install your Seiwa
Seiwa installation schemes
Seiwa installation schemes seiwa official wholesale site
Connections schemes
All electrical schemes for connections
Seiwa connection schemes
Seiwa connection schemes seiwa official wholesale site
Instrument dimensions
Full detailed dimensions files of Seiwa instruments
Seiwa instrument dimensions schemes
Seiwa instrument dimensions schemes seiwa official wholesale site
JPG images
All instruments in High and Low resolution in JPG format
Seiwa product images FT70 SW501 SW701 SW1101 Explorer 3 Marlin Seawave Radar SWR1 SWR8 SWR9 AP01 AP03 RP01 RP03 RP05
Seiwa product images seiwa official wholesale site
CE certifications
All CE declaration of conformity
Seiwa declarations of conformity CE
Seiwa declarations of conformity CE seiwa official wholesale site
High resolution images
Download high resolution pictures for printing your catalogue
Download high resolution pictures
Download high resolution pictures

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