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Software update page for Seiwa SW1100 free download gps multifunction chart plotter software update upgrade software

Page dedicated to software upgrade of Seiwa SW1100 multifunction chartplotters XVGA 10.4 inches color screen

Technical information, release notes, update procedures, manual and link to download software S5E2SW11C version 16.31.00R, release date 17 Jul 2012 in ENG, CRO, CZE, DAN, DUT, FIN, FRE, GER, GRE, ICE, IND, ITA, NOR, POL, POR, RUS, SPA, SWE languages, compatible with chart plotter Seiwa SW1100 with product codes P2MFD00FSW, P2MFT00VSE, P2MFT00FSE. software upgrade SeiwaDirect software update

Seiwa advises its customers to upgrade software only in the presence of problems encountered when using the tool.

An incorrect update of the software - for example related to a corruption of the zip file during downoad - can compromising the operation of the instrument and it whould be necessary to send back the unit to Seiwa Technical Service.
If you want the procede with software update, click here

Seiwa Software Update

Welcome in Software Update Section dedicated to your Seiwa unit
Seiwa SW1100 multifuction chartplotter
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Release date
Jul 17th, 2012

Release note

This section lists key points related with this Software release. - (English only)

Please pay special attention to the following improvement:
SW-302 Create single SW variant to run on iGSP and ext GPS HW.

This new feature means that single software variant should be used for both iGPS and ext GPS hardware units (Internal and External GPS antenna).

Software adjusts its behavior automatically depending on hardware detected during start-up. New software versions use ..XG.. in SW name, i.e. S3XGSW7WC.

This SW should be used instead of older S3EGSW7WC and S3IGSW7WC -- older SW versions will not be available on C-MAP OEM support web-site anymore.

Bugs Fixed:
  • SW2724 - The External Power function does not work.;
  • SW2737 - FF/Radar: The FF image is not centered on the screen;
  • sw2742 - The cursor can move under the Current Prediction window because the window occupies almost the whole screen and so, wherever it is placed it might cover the cursor;
  • sw2755 - The unit locks or reboots when entering Radar Tuning menu;
  • sw2762 - The unit locks or reboots after some time when the MOB is placed;
  • sw2765 - Track menu: On the TRACK MENU / CONFIG the menu selection DISPLAY MODE VISIBLE / HIDDEN gets corrupted: When changed from VISIBLE to HIDDEN it shows "VHIDDEN". The same problem is on the STEP UNIT selection shows "DISTTIME" when it is toggled between DISTANCE and TIME;
  • SW2790 - AIS: Ship identity data (MMSI, Name and Call Sign) displayed on one AIS target quick info are replaced by other messages belonging to different AIS target;
  • SW2798 - The incorrect name of Fuel Consumption unit of measure is shown on the Route Report (S/Hr instead of L/Hr);
  • SW-151 - Freeze after trying to connect BBFF at 1-st unit port;
  • SW-180 - Radar: GAIN and STC values for 6Nm Range are changed when Automatic Tune is executed;
  • SW-190 - USER C-CARD: While saving user points (routes/tracks/marks) file type on user c-card page is set to "???";
  • SW-197 - BBFF: The error message "DISK FULL" is shown while saving Fish Finder settings, even if the SD-CARD is empty;
  • SW-204 - Set VAD to on in Tides preset;
  • SW-366 - Warning messages for DEL and DEL ALL soft-keys in User Points List are similar;
  • SW-367 - Plotter does not keep in memory previous mark icon (if changed) after it's been turned off;
  • SW-417 - The tides and current data appearing on chart are not adjusted to Daylight Savings time;
  • SW-426 - Unable to place any User Point when receiving DSC data;
  • SW-428 - Although Zoom Type is set to Standard, the chart can be under zoomed;
  • SW-441 - The menu item "Language" was translated in Russian;

Improvements made:
  • sw2736 - Reduce Tide Station quick info window;
  • sw2793 - Language selection: Add Polish language;
  • sw2794 - FISH FINDER ALARM: Clear the FISH ALARM automatically once the alarm condition stops (when the fish is no longer detected by the FF);
  • sw2810 - Handle AIS class B messages;
  • sw2824 - C-Weather: Some of the c-weather data icons are not shown on the chart with data resolution set to 0.5 minutes. The icons are not shown because the anti-clutter function applied to c-weather data hides too many of them;
  • sw2832 - Language selection: Add Russian language selection;
  • SW-116 - C-Weather: Reduce the size of the Weather Prediction window;
  • SW-211 - Add Save/Load one/all routes feature;
  • KER717 - We can read Static Information (name, CALL sign, etc) sent by AIS CLASS B modules;
  • SW-302 - Create single SW variant to run on iGSP and ext GPS HW;
  • SW-316 - Allow showing Cursor Window also on FF+CHART page;
  • SW-326 - Allow AIS targets display on Radar window;
  • SW-338 - Use the largest font to print Numbers on the Data Boxes;
  • SW-279 - Increase the size of the Numbers on the Data boxes;

Software check

Where may I find the software model and version?

Both software model and version can be found in the general system information page. To access this page:

press MENU and go to “About..” selection in the line labeled “Software”. The row contains both software model, version and release date:

ie: S5EGSWCTC V16.21.00R [03/09/2010]
  • S5EGSWCTC it's the software model
  • V16.21.00R it's the software version
  • [03/09/2010] it's the release date

Seiwa About Page

C-Map by Jeppesen SD CardC-Map by Jeppesen cartridges Procedure to update software in unit with SD card
  1. Download the ZIP file;
  2. Extract the "(name of the file).SWX" file from ZIP file;
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Rename the "(name of the file).SWX" file as "CMPUPD.SWX" file;
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: to upload the chartplotter, use any SD card not HC (less than 4gb it’s fine);
  5. create a New folder on your PC and rename it UPLOAD;
  6. Copy the file CMPUPD.SWX into the folder \UPLOAD\;
  7. Insert the SD card into the Chart Plotter SD card slot;
  8. Turn the Chart Plotter on;
  9. The message “LOADING COMPONENTS” will be shown on the screen; this operation could take several minutes;
  10. The update is complete when the Chart Plotter starts running;
  11. Turn the Chart Plotter Off;
  12. Extract the SD card;
  13. Switch the unit on in "system test mode”; pressing and holding any other key, turn the chart plotter on;
  14. Do the Clear Ram procedure (it will cancel all user points, tracks and routs in the unit);
  15. Switch the unit off and then on again;
  16. Now the unit is completelly updated;


The Software
file ZIP - 46,428Kb

The Manual
file ZIP - 3,126Kb

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 For any question, please contact Technical Department at

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