Resellers and Boatyards: return goods procedure

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The simple procedure to send back your Seiwa unit for repair.

End Users procedures

To proceed with the return in assistance of one or more products you have to previously contact

  • Besides we need before you to edit for us a Proforma Invoice Document, here you can download the instructions to edit it.
  • After editing the file please send it to
  • In the Proforma Invoice please specify the serial number of the device and the defect for each device.
  • The Proforma Invoice will be checked, if it will be ok we will send you the RMA (Return Machine Authorization) code for the repair and all the istructions for the shipment, in according with the above istructions. Moreover, we recommend you to send the goods by courier, since delivery time for shipments via post office is 45 days.
  • As you have received the RMA code and the shipment instructions you can download the DAG module from this link.
  • Please edit the document for each device you need to send and for which you have received the RMA authorization code, without omitting any field on that (there’s a field for each feature of the device).
  • Specify your Shipment Address in “Full Data” field and please add further informations if you want to add some particolar notes about the shipment back to you. Please don’t forget to add also a phone number to contact you directly.
  • About the “Working hours” field we need only an approximate value (we can stimate it even by the serial number). Insert the edited document into the package with the defected device.
  • If the device is under warranty please add to the package a Purchase Proof to mantain valid the warranty. If the device is not under warranty you will receive a quotation directly from Seiwa.
  • IMPORTANT: don’t forget to apply the RMA code out of the package as explained on the Shipment Istructions sent by our Service.
  • IMPORTANT: The packages without RMA code outside will berefused for security reasons.
NOTE: Sometimes there’s no need to ship in assistance the device. To avoid an useful shipment and you think that it is an issue that can be solved without a repair please don’t esitate to contact

End Users procedures

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