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Register for free and checxk Seiwa pricelist is a site dedicated to the marine Resellers, installers and the Shipyards, the site allows operators to purchase directly from manufacturers, cutting costs and time significantly.

The free registration NOT REQUIRE, in any way to make purchases , and serves only to enable Seiwa to verify that the Customer is actually dealing in marine marketplace.

The registration does not automatically send out ID and Password but makes Seiwa able to start a procedure for checking who is logged, and it is possible that there is contact from us for more information about the activities in the Marine Industry. This procedure was established to GUARANTEE our customers that the LIST and SPECIAL OFFERS are only available to - and real - Retailers, to maintain a serious relationship between Client and Supplier .

Once you receive your ID and password, making Login and you will access the Reserved Area of the NET PRICES and EXTRA DISCOUNTS for small quantities by models.

For any order placed on, to any destination in your country, NOT BE CHARGED FREIGHT COSTS, so NET PRICE you find on the list CORRESPOND to the actual amounts of the products ordered.

How to read the PriceList:
  • RRP excl VAT.: List price, without VAT (when prices are with VAT is clearly stated);
  • Your Net Prices: net Prices to Reseller, including shipping costs;
  • Special Prices for Q.ty: special price for small quantities exceeding the specified value (eg 2, then apply for orders of 3 units and up), always including the shipping costs; seiwa official wholesale site
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Seiwa marine equipments seiwa official wholesale site
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Seiwa marine equipments seiwa official wholesale site
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