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Seiwa equipos electrónicos se han desarrollado con la última tecnología marina y es compartible con la cartografía c map

SeiwaDirect marine equipment
Welcome to Seiwa Support Area
Section dedicate to help customers answering their questions marine electronic equipments
Choosing Seiwa you do not buy just a product, but you will have a professional staff available for any question, technical support or suggestion.

With a worldwide distribution network and a Direct Line with Seiwa staff, you are really a Premium Customer.

Seiwa Offices
To guarantee you a 24h support

Seiwa Europe

Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central and South America
Via Velleia 4
90900 MONZA (MB)
phone +39 039 91 51 273
Fax: +39 039 91 51 274

Seiwa Hong Kong

India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific area and Russia
Room 916, Block A, Po Lung Centre
11 Wang Chiu Rd. Kowloon Bay - Kowloon
Hong Kong
phone +852 2795 2008
Fax: +852 2795 1770

Products Alert
Seiwa will advise customers for any critical problem on its products that could make at risk your navigation. marine electronic equipments

Contact us
The Direct Line to Seiwa Technical Support marine electronic equipments
If you need Technical Support on your unit or you have question about Seiwa products our Staff is available to help you or answer your questions.

Software Update
A new section dedicated to Software Update marine electronic equipments
The complete list of sofware for any Seiwa Model; check if you need a Software Update and look at the software update procedure.

A new section dedicated to Seiwa manuals marine electronic equipments
In this new section you can find the latest version of manulas for seiwa units; Chartplotters, Combo, Radar, Fishfinders, Autopilots, and the NEW Light Manuals to start using units in few minutes.

Return goods procedures
Procedures and forms for the request for return goods marine electronic equipments
Simple modules and procedures to send back goods to Seiwa Support enter, for reparing and refunds

Reseller’s and Boatyard’s procedure marine electronic equipments User’s procedure

Seiwa Catalogue
The latest version of Seiwa catalogue marine electronic equipments
Download the latest version of seiwa catalogue, with all product descriptions and characteristics. This PDF will help you to know better what Seiwa has been created to navigate.

Download Area
Section dedicated to free download os Seiwa documentation marine electronic equipments
General index of Seiwa content available for free, immediate download from the website: In addition to the manuals and the software already explained above, compatibility charts, templates and instructions for installing electrical wiring diagrams, sizes, images, specifications and declarations of conformity, all available for free.

Resellers and Boatyards: how to place an order
7 simple steps to order on marine electronic equipments is dedicated to the sale of electronic products for navigation to Marine Resellers and Shipyards; clicking on the link below you will find a detailed description of how to make a purchase of

Software update procedure
How to make an update to your Seiwa instrument marine electronic equipments
Perform a software update to a navigation tool Seiwa is relatively simple, but we must look for certain elements that are essential so that the update is successful, avoiding lock the instrument itself, and then forcing you to retract from Seiwa - or authorized dealer - your machine.

Enter the depth section of the update process by clicking on the link below.

Find a Dealer
List of best Seiwa marine Resellers in the world marine electronic equipments
Search the Seiwa Authorized Reseller nearest you, look and contact the international network of customer support.

How the online Catalogue works
Quick description about how the Catalogue works marine electronic equipments has been developed keeping in mind ease of use, however, being a system of electronic commerce, some aspects should be explained to the maximum understanding of who will be using.

In particular is shown how the Products Catalogue, around which was developed around the site. The links below will take you to the depth.

Compatibility Table
Detailed table of compatibility with the C-Map cartography marine electronic equipments
With over 25 years of production tools for navigation is normal that the products have evolved and have used different mapping technologies.

Seiwa was the first OEM in the world to use C-Map cartography for their instruments, and has continued to develop up to date technology to their full potential.

to check the compatibility of various models with mapping technologies, it is now a practice compatibility table.

Technical Area
Section dedicated to free download of technical documentation marine electronic equipments
New section dedicated to the archives - free download - the technical documentation in support of models price list.

For information on other models you must visit the Manuals which are combined all the data sheets for each product. seiwa official wholesale site
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Seiwa software update section free download
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Seiwa software update section free download
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