Venta al por mayor aparatos electrónicos marinos

Panel de control para la gestión de pedidos, devoluciones, envíos, facturas y pagos por las compras realizadas

SeiwaDirect marine equipment
Control Panel: what it is and how it works
Dedicated area to Customer-Supplier business relations marine electronic equipments
Seiwa makes avaiolable a dedicated section to info and tools to Customers who need to deal on, in particolar regarding the Persobalized PriceList, the Payment Options, the Customer’s Credit Limit status and the list of due date orders.

IMPORTANT: The Control Panes is available only after Login.

The most important featurez is the possibility to make payment with Credit Cards for al falling due invoices: list orders with status (Wait Payment, Payed, etc.), click on link and jump on the summary page of the order, then: :
  1. Select the shipping option even if it has no rilevance on the payment but is mandatory;
  2. Select CREDIT CARD on the Payment Option;
  3. Click on the green button at the bottom of the form;
  4. Follow up PayPoint instruction to finis the transaction; IMPORTANT: make sure to have available the Security Codes of your card.

On Control Panel you can also check your personalized pricelist.

The Control Panel menu is composed by:
  • Payments: list of order with pending payments;
  • Personalized Pricelist: Complete PriceList, customized by Customers;
  • Payment and Shipping options: Payment and Shipping options dedicated to each Customer;
On Control Panel you can check the Customer’s pèersonalized Credit Limit status; The status shows the situation of Credit Limit in relation with pending invoices and due date invoices.

Be over the Credit Limit does not means the stop of transactions, but actives special procedures between Seiwa and the Customer.

If you have done your Login, check your Control Panel

Login here

Seiwa Direct is operated by AvMap s.r.l.u.

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