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Page dedicated to software upgrade of Seiwa KingFish chartplotter 9.4 inches monocrome screen

Technical information, release notes, update procedures, manual and link to download software A7IGSW11M1 version 5.09, release date 18 June 2002 in ENG languages, compatible with chart plotter Seiwa KingFish with product codes P1LD800GSW, P1LD800GSB. software upgrade SeiwaDirect software update

Seiwa advises its customers to upgrade software only in the presence of problems encountered when using the tool.

An incorrect update of the software - for example related to a corruption of the zip file during downoad - can compromising the operation of the instrument and it whould be necessary to send back the unit to Seiwa Technical Service.
If you want the procede with software update, click here

Seiwa Software Update

Welcome in Software Update Section dedicated to your Seiwa unit
Seiwa Kingfish King Fish chartplotter
Software Table

Model: KingFish Languages
Product Codes (Europe)
Product Codes (IAPAC)
Software Code
Check release note

Check Software status

Find DPS Center

Software Update procedure

Download Software and Manual
Last version:
Release date
18 Jun 2002

Seiwa Product labels and Product Code position

Here below how to find the Product Code (Rif. Mod.) you need to download the correct software for upgrade your unit.

IAPAC label
IAPAC label

EMEA old label
EMEA old label

EMEA current label
EMEA label

Software check

Where may I find the software model and version?

Both software model and version can be found in the general system information page. To access this page:

press MENU and go to “About..” selection in the line labeled “Software”. The row contains both software model, version and release date:

ie: S5EGSWCTC V16.21.00R [03/09/2010]
  • S5EGSWCTC it's the software model
  • V16.21.00R it's the software version
  • [03/09/2010] it's the release date

Seiwa About Page

C-Map by Jeppesen C-CardC-Map by Jeppesen cartridges Note for instruments which use C-Card

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To update units which use C-Card is mandatory to visit a C-Map DPS Center .

If you want to know the nearest C-Map DPS Center, uou have to CONTACT JEPPESEN and select Region (top right menu: "Change Region").

Jeppesen homepage - DPS Centers list

Update procedure description
  1. Download the ZIP file;
  2. Copy the ZIP file in a USB key;
  3. Visit a C-MAP DPS Center;
  4. The DPS Center procedure:
  5. Open the DPS tool;
  6. Select “tools”;
  7. Select “program software cartridge”;
  8. Insert an empty C-Card into the reader (the cartridge will be usable again after this procedure);
  9. Open the ZIP file with the SWX file inside;
  10. Select “open”;
  11. Select “Ok” and start programming;
  12. Insert the programmed C-Card into the unit (turned off);
  13. Switch the unit on;
  14. Wait till the unit will upload the new software. In 5 minutes the unit will start working as usual;
  15. Switch the unit off;
  16. Pull out the C-Card from the unit;
  17. Switch the unit on in "system test mode”; pressing and holding any other key, turn the chart plotter on;
  18. Do the Clear Ram procedure (it will cancel all user points, tracks and routs in the unit);
  19. Switch the unit off and then on again;
  20. Now the unit is completelly updated;


The Software
file ZIP - 594Kb

Manual not available

Contact for help

 For any question, please contact Technical Department at

or fill the Software Update Request Form

Seiwa Direct is operated by AvMap s.r.l.u.

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