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Page dedicated to software upgrade of Seiwa Oyster second generation 10.4 inches color screen

Technical information, release notes, update procedures, manual and link to download software SW10CTP version 5.10, release date 16 Jun 2002 in ENG, CZE, DAN, FIN, FRE, GER, GRE, ITA, NOR, POR, SPA, SWE languages, compatible with chart plotter Seiwa Oyster second generation with product codes P1MD4200SW, P1MD4210SW. software upgrade SeiwaDirect software update

Seiwa advises its customers to upgrade software only in the presence of problems encountered when using the tool.

An incorrect update of the software - for example related to a corruption of the zip file during downoad - can compromising the operation of the instrument and it whould be necessary to send back the unit to Seiwa Technical Service.
If you want the procede with software update, click here

Seiwa Software Update

Welcome in Software Update Section dedicated to your Seiwa unit
Seiwa Oyster chartplotter
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Model: Oyster Languages
czech republic
Product Codes (Europe)
P1MD4200SW, P1MD4210SW
Product Codes (IAPAC)
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Last version:
Release date
16 Jun 2002

Release note

This section lists key points related with this Software release. - (English only)

Bugs Fixed:
  • 2407 - When Plotter Mode function is activated and the scale level is low, User Points are not found and quick info are not displayed;
  • 2539 - Select German language, enter Functions menu and then User C-CARD menu: press 'Cartr' and 'Format' soft keys. The "ANNULIER" message is out of the soft key frame;
  • 2541 - Insert an User C-CARD in the first slot and a Data C-CARD in the second slot. Select Sytem Test/Cartridges/C-CARD Test: the Data C-CARD is not tested;
  • 2542 - In the Edit route notes it is not possible to select some characters;
  • 2543 - In the Rolling Road page a black bar appears loading a track file from User C-CARD page (with the same track number of the active one) and pressing the 'POWER' key for brightness control;
  • 2312 - It is necessary to press the 'Bright +' soft key every time for each step to increase the brightness while it should be continuous;
  • 2313 - The input of characters (in the alphanumeric input procedure) is too slow;
  • 2314 - The NMEA-0183 reserved character "," field delimiter can be used to name Waypoint and consequently is wrongly included in the output sentence;
  • 2319 - The ship remains in Home mode when the nearest port service research is performed so the map is not centered on the selected port icon;
  • 2320 - Wrong BRG and DIST information are shown in the cursor window while turbo zooming;
  • 2321 - When in Plotter Mode On and in the very big map scale (with no data), activating the Port By Name or Port Services, the cursor is moved to the correct position, but the mao level is not changed, so the object is not found;
  • 2325 - Executing Find Coordinates the cursor window is not shown after the map redraws;
  • 2326 - The fix received from GPS Port is lost when the NMEA data received from the I/O Port is very fast (timing of sentence less than 1 second);
  • 2328 - Inserting a new Waypoint in the active route between Destination and its previous Waypoint, the Destination is moved on the new Waypoint;
  • 2329 - The numerical data shown on the Wind pages works for 30 seconds then goes away for 30 seconds than reappears for 30 seconds, etc. The graph never develops;
  • 2291 - From Chart Settings Menu set "Chart Boundaries" OFF. Turn the chart plotter Off and then On. Chart Boundaries are displayed even if they are set Off;
  • 2300 - Track counter is not working correctly. When all 5000 track points are used (free = 0001) the counter on text area continues working showing negative numbers (i.e. -0001, -0002, etc.);
  • 2301 - Sometimes a Mark quick info appears also if 'Accept'' soft key is not pressed. Then the info window overlaps other windows and it is not possible to delete it with a redraw; it is necessary to open a full page (for example Setup menu) to delete it;
  • 2302 - By selecting Night Vision On, Setup window has not the contour;
  • 2304 - The first time the Time step is 1 sec., track points are saved after approx. 10 sec;
  • 2305 - In the Other Settings menu the "Cartograph. Objects On/Off" item is not aligned to the other On/Off items;
  • 2306 - When changing track number (in the Track Settings menu) the selected track became automatically the active track;
  • 2307 - Sometimes when in split screen mode the quick port overlaps the soft keys or (3) is not completely shown;
  • 2275 - It is possible to add a MOB to a route. After closing the MOB mode, a Waypoint (without name and with coordinates 0 N 0 W) appears in the route. If the MOB option is activated for second times, the new MOB is automatically added to the route in placed of the nonamed Waypoint;
  • 2276 - Entering Setup Menu when Nearest Port services function is active causes menus overlapping;
  • 2277 - The chart plotter crashes when a file is saved, deleted and re-saved on the user c-card;
  • 2278 - After deleting track segments, track is still present on the screen;
  • 2279 - When MOB is placed on an user point, navigation starts to the user point, not to the MOB;
  • 2280 - The chart plotter crashes when Main Menu is opened from the User Data page;
  • 2284 - The Mark (created when navigation is activated) under the destination is not deleted when navigation is stopped;
  • 2288 - When track is saved, if the track is too long only a part of it is saved and the name of this file has some strange characters at the end e.g.: FILE07*@f;
  • 2289 - When the save function is stopped because the user C-CARD is full, as soon as you press 'ENTER' to close the dialog window showing you the occurred error, the directory displays the new file with wrong file name and type information;
  • 2290 - When all tracks are deleted, the track counter reports that free points are 3999, not 5000;
  • 2291 - From Chart Settings Menu set "Chart Boundaries" OFF. Turn Off the chart plotter, then start it again. Chart Boundaries are displayed, even if they are set Off;
  • 2292 - The word "ENGLISH" (Main Menu/Language) is traslated selecting the other languages - this is against the rule that message must stay in English;
  • 2100 - By selecting Main Menu, when language is "Italiano", the word "lingua" appears on the screen, instead of the correct "language";
  • 2122 - NMEA-0183 BWC input sentence, problems on Lat/Lon by placing the External Waypoint: "South" is read as "North" and "West" is read as "East";
  • 2230 - Route following problems. Create one route (for example 4 Waypoints) and start navigation to the first Waypoint. Press 'NEXT' soft key: Goto icon is moved from WPT001 to WPT002 (OK). Press other three times 'NEXT': the icon overlaps WPT003 (OK), WPT004 (OK). Then because of the end of the route, the Goto icon disappears from the screen! Now press 'STOP' soft key to end the route following: the unit creates a new Mark under the cursor position and the ship starts navigation to it;
  • 2231 - Press 'PAN' soft key: four new soft keys appear. "Moving ship" characters are out of the soft key frame. Now press the 'Moving ship' soft key: "Center on ship" characters are out of the soft key frame;
  • 2232 - Fix is not received: press 'MENU' and 'GOTO' soft key. Now press 'START' soft key. When the info window (advising the fix is not received) disappears, note 'NEXT' and 'PREV' soft keys are linked by a fine line;
  • 2234 - Press 'ROUTE', then 'SELECT' soft key: SELECT ROUTE window is open. Now press 'NOTES' soft key, to open the EDIT ROUTE NOTES window. Press 'ENTER' to confirm: when the plotter back to the SELECT ROUTE window, it is not possible to select routes, because the trackpad moves the cursor;
  • 2235 - Select ITALIANO or FRANCAIS languages; create one route and open the Route Report: the system crashes;
  • 2236 - Text Area is in split mode. Press 'POWER' key to open the BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST selection window. Now press 'ZOOM IN' key for some seconds (turbo zoom function): the contrast selection window and the text area are overlapped;
  • 2237 - Press 'START'+ any soft key + 'MORE' + 'PAN' + 'REMOTE' + set > 80 degrees N or S + 'ENTER'. REMOTE CENTER does not work properly with such Lat, but the plotter does not report an error;
  • 2238 - After a clear RAM, power On the plotter, press 'MENU' + 'GOTO' + 'START', "receiver is not ..." appears. After the message window disappears there is a thin, horizontal line on the 'PREV' soft key;
  • 2239 - Press 'POWER' + any key + any key + 'CLEAR'. On the second start screen a message "ENTER to continue" appears but 'CLEAR' works too. On the next screen there is no message at all, but both keys 'ENTER' and 'CLEAR' work;
  • 2240 - Press 'POWER' + any soft key + 'ROUTE' + 'EDIT' + 'ADD' + 'ZOOM IN' + 'CLEAR': a Waypoint appears on the chart, altought the 'ACCEPT' key was not pressed. After chart redraws, the Waypoint disappears;
  • 2241 - Press 'POWER' + any soft key + 'ROUTE' + 'SELECT' + 'NOTES': fix lost, warning message appears. Press 'ENTER' and track pad. Windows of ROUTE EDIT option are not refreshed in the right order;
  • 2242 - On Simulation mode page the value of Heading changes when Simulation Mode is activated or deactivated;
  • 2106 - User point identifier cannot be turned off;
  • 2108 - Set "DEPTH LIMIT > 9987 (mt)". There is not the pattern, areas are white;
  • 2109 - It is not possible to place a Waypoint in TD's;
  • 2110 - It is not possible to enter the System Test by pressing some keys. For example by pressing 'INFO' + 'POWER' or 'ENTER' + 'POWER' or 'ZOOM IN' + 'POWER';
  • 2112 - Edit a route of 4 Waypoints. Delete last 3 Waypoints (so only the first Waypoint remains). Now, if you add new Waypoints, they are not linked to the first one;
  • 2113 - Enter Setup Menu and press 'GOTO' key: soft keys appear.After few seconds soft keys became unreadable. Now it is not possible to exit from the Setup Menu;
  • 2114 - Enter Setup Menu and select Display Setup. Now select Navigation page and place the cursor upon XTE (or STR). Then by 'ENTER' open the Navigation page and 'CLEAR' to exit: XTE (or STR) are underlined;
  • 2115 - When using Loran TD's if you put in your GRI (7980) and secondaries 14248.3 and 44714.0 (pair W, Y) the position goes to somewhere in the Indian Ocean;
  • 2061 - In the Fix Compass Menu the change correction function does not accept a Lat/Lon input or TD (LOP = Line Of Position);
  • 2062 - It is not possible to create a Mark or Waypoint in TD (or LOP): input of GRI, S1 or S2 is not allowed. Also an unnecessary line is drawn from the present position to the correct position and it cannot be erased without clearing RAM;
  • 2064 - TD mode: problems editing Lat/Lon;
  • 2069 - Y2K problem: in the GPS Data page the date redout is wrong when the date received is greater than 01/01/00;
  • 2070 - Press 'DATA' and then 'MENU' keys: it is not possible to exit with the 'CLEAR' key, but you must press the 'DATA' key again;
  • 2071 - Create several routes, delete one of them and then turn off the chart plotter. When you restart it, the Waypoints of the remaining routes are not linked;
  • 2072 - Edit EBL or VRM, then move the cursor and zoom in up to the last level: the chart plotter look-up;
  • 2073 - When the chart plotter is in Navigation mode and the "A-B" function is used, the readout of the distance toggles between two different values;
  • 2074 - In area of Lat/Lon N66 22.0/E 12 36.6000 and scale 0.1 Nm (max zoom of area), after a number of presses the 'MODE' key (sometime only one) the scale in the information window changes to 0.05;
  • 2091 - In area of Lat/Lon N66.22.0/E 12.36.600 and scale 0.1 Nm, the vessel symbol jumps from one position to another, a distance of approx. 200 meters. This jump, when the boat is stationary is always to the same position, altought the actual Lat/Lon readaut does not change;
  • 1858 - Make a route, then keep the cursor over the last Waypoint; press the 'INSERT' soft key and 'ENTER' key: the chart plotter crashes;
  • 1859 - Make a route, then press 'REVERSE' soft key two times: it is not possible to close the pop-up window neither do other functions;
  • 1860 - Press the 'ROUTE' soft key and then the 'EDIT' soft key to modify the selected route or to create a new one. Press 'CLEAR' and then the 'EDIT' soft key, then 'CLEAR' and 'EDIT' again, and 'CLEAR' three times: the chart plotter crashes. Also pressing other software keys the bug appears;
  • 1861 - Problems in Tide Graph page:
    1. Depth unit is Ft. Enter Tide Graph: the Height and Draught are in Ft. Then move left/right: the Height and Draught became mt;
    2. Depth unit is FM. Enter Tide Graph: the Height and Draught are in FM. Then move left/right: the Height and Draught became mt (corrupted display where mt is displayed);
    3. Depth unit is Mt. Enter Tide Graph: the Height and Draught are in Mt. Move left/right: the Height and Draught became mt (corrupted display);
  • 1862 - Make a route; remove the Waypoint with the 'REMOVE' soft key:
    1. When remove the last, the rubber band remains active on the last Waypoint removed.
    2. If you remove the Waypoint when the info pop-up window is On, the circle surrounding the Waypoint remain (black).
  • 1863 - Place a Target on a Waypoint of a route. Use 'NEXT' soft key: the circle goes to the next Waypoint:
    1. Use 'PREV' soft key: when the circle is on the first Waypoint the circle goes to the last.
    2. The label of the Target Waypoint on the Text Area is not refreshed.
  • 1864 - Make a route, the press 'INSERT' soft key to insert a waypoint between two existing ones, press 'ENTER'. The pop-up window is corrupted, press 'CLEAR': the chart plotter crashes
  • 1865 - When Plotter Mode is On, the scale bar becames corrupted doing zoom operations;
  • 1866 - It is possible to edit an Event Lat/Lon;
  • 1868 - Pan on cursor coordinates does not work;
  • 1869 - When Track is On, place BEGIN point and then END point. Press 'DELETE' soft key and then 'ZOOM IN': the "deletion marks" are shown on the screen every zoom in;
  • 1875 - The editing of the EBL and VRM is too slow;
  • 1877 - Place EBL (and/or VRM): scroll the cartography to move it outside the screen and then press the 'CLEAR' soft key. Pan to view the EBL (or VRM) and you will still see it: at the next screen redraw it disappears;
  • 1878 - Place a EBL (or VRM). Do a zoom operation: the EBL (or VRM) is not refreshed on the screen (also if you edit it the last position remains on the screen). If you try to enter a new one, the old one is displayed on the screen;
  • 1879 - Select and open the Setup and Alarms menus and select the Anchor Alarm: press 'ENTER' and change the value. After changing several values the chart plotter freezes;
  • 1880 - Place a VRM near to the ship position. Edit it to go over the ship symbol: under the ship symbol the VRM is still displayed;
  • 1881 - Place an "A-B". Do a zoom in operation: the color changes from Red to Black (the background color is still the same). Doing a zoom out operation; the color changes again;
  • 1882 - At power On, there is a flash with the previous content of the screen;
  • 1885 - In the Nearest window, the selection on the last line (three symbols only and not seven) is not wrap around;
  • 1888 - Make a route, press the 'SELECT' soft key and then the following soft keys: 'REVERSE', 'EDIT' and 'REVERSE' again. Move the cursor, strange things on the screen appear;
  • 1889 - Make a route, move the cursor over a route leg. Press 'INSERT' soft key, then press 'ENTER' and 'CLEAR' keys: the chart plotter crashes;
  • 1890 - In Simulation mode On, change the Anchor Alarm: while in the menu if the alarm sounds there is a misalignement inside the alarm window. There is a similar problem into Tide Graph, by pressing 'POWER' to power Off the chart plotter;
  • 1891 - Mark list page with Marks already entered, one with Target On: DST/BRG to a ghost point (0/0 probably) displayed after moving up/down the cursor;
  • 1895 - Press any soft key. Then press 'MENU', 'NXTSCRN', 'CLEAR', 'ENTER': the chart plotter crashes;
  • 1896 - When soft key window is open ('LIST', 'CREATE', 'DELETE', 'MORE...') cursor moves under soft key window;
  • 1897 - Create Mark, then try to create another one at the same position. When the pop-up window is displayed try to change Lat/Lon, but do not do anything. Try to go out from the edit Lat/Lon: it is impossible without changing Lat/Lon;
  • 1898 - Using the 'ROUTE', 'EDIT' and 'REMOTE' soft keys to delete any user point. It is possible but no confirmation window is displayed;
  • 1900 - In Navigation mode, with VRM and alarm On (doesen't matter which one). When alarm window was open over the info page, the VRM circle was drawn over the alarm window;
  • 1902 - The "POWERING DOWN" message is wrong displayed in any language except English;
  • 1904 - The DST and BRG are shown as "-----" when Navigation is On and no Target is set;
  • 1905 - Set the Anchor Alarm, then exit from menu and return to the map screen. Press the 'ZOOM IN' key up to the last level: the chart plotter crashes;
  • 1906 - Set the Anchor Alarm, then press the 'ENTER' key: the chart plotter crashes;
  • 1907 - Press the 'MARK' and then 'CREATE' soft keys. Press 'MOB', 'CLEAR' and 'CLEAR' again: the chart plotter crashes. In every case when there is a pop-up window opened and there is the possibility to open another window over, the chart plotter crashes;
  • 1908 - Set Anchor Alarm and go into cartography: the circle is shown. Set another value of Anchor Alarm and go into cartography again: the old one is deleted, but the new circle is bigger than the first one;
  • 1909 - Set Anchor Alarm (or Arrival Alarm), press 'CLEAR'. Then select the Simulation Mode menu and try to change the speed: the edit field is corrupted by an entry of nm. The same for heading;
  • 1912 - In Navigation Mode On, press the 'MARK' soft key and then the 'MOB' key: it is not possible to move the cursor;
  • 1913 - Make a route, then press the 'MOB' key: the Waypoints of the route are not linked. If you edit a new Waypoint, it is linked to the last one of the route, but the other ones remain isolated;
  • 1914 - Press 'GOTO' and 'START' soft keys: now it is not possible to activate the MOB;
  • 1915 - With Goto Menu On, it is not possible to activate or deactivate the MOB;
  • 1916 - In Full screen mode, doing the turbo zoom operation (press and hold the 'ZOOM IN' key) the scale bar does not change;

Improvements made:
  • 1669 - Swedish language has been added;
  • 1942 - Portoguese language has been added;
  • 2401 - Waiting message while "Find Tide Station" is activated is added;
  • 2540 - When Static Navigation is set to 0 the boat position and COG are updated every minute;
  • 2544 - Greek language has been removed;
  • 2311 - Internal BIOS improvement to preserve possible start up problem using new different model of strata flash;
  • 2315 The default setting for Lights is set to On;
  • 2316 The default setting for Complex Object Icon is sert to Single;
  • 2317 DGPS Input Baud Rate setting for SIRF and ROCKWELL GPS;
  • 2322 Added 'Find' soft key when the Port by Name, Port Services and Tides lists are displayed;
  • 2323 Added 'Exit' soft key when "View" is done from the User Point List and removed "Clear to Exit" window;
  • 2327 Contrast is set to the default value entering the System Test menus;
  • 2303 When MOB is activated, text area and navigation pages report the ship is going to the "MOB"(instead of to "Direct");
  • 1932 The default setting for the Autopilot Output is changed to NMEA-0183;
  • 2104 In the General Setup Menu, date format has now 2 digits to indicate the month (MM). For example January is indicated by "01";
  • 2105 Wind functions are added. Press 'MENU' key + 'Pages'soft key + 'More...' soft key + 'Wind' soft key to select the Wind Functions. Four new soft keys appear:
    1. Press 'Windata' to show the wind data (Speed, Head, TWS, TWA, AWS, AWA).
    2. Press 'Direction' to enter True Wind Direction & Time Graph.
    3. Press 'Speed' to enter True Wind Speed & Time Graph.
    4. Press 'Back' to return to previous soft keys allocation.
  • 2118 The Color Selection menu for user icons does not include sea colors;
  • 2120 In the Color Selection menu the "NIGHT VISION ON/OFF" item is added: when it is On, a darker palette is used. Default setting is Off;
  • 2174 From the Settings Color Menu it is possible to change track color anytime, but this color is valid for the track plotted only after that event; the already recorded track remains in the previous color;
  • 2177 In the Settings Color Menu it is possible to select a different color for every single track;
  • 2195 Print Screen capability is added. The user can print the screen image on paper, if the chart plotter is connected to a proper serial printer (EPSON LQ2500). To activate this function press the 'MENU' key for 3 seconds: to print one page it takes several minutes; to abort print screen press the 'CLR' key;
  • 2221 The new item "UNDERWATER OBJECTS ON/OFF" is added in the Menu/Map Settings Menu/Nav-Aids Menu to enable (ON) or disable (OFF) the displaying of Underwater Objects: Diffuser, Obstruction, Wreck, Cable - submarine, Cable area, Pipeline area, Pipeline - submarine/on land. The last item "CARTOGRAPHIC OBJECTS ON/OFF" is moved from the Menu/Map Settings Menu/Nav-Aids Menu to the Menu/Map Settings Menu/Other Settings Menu;
  • 2274 Help message is added in the Nearest window;
  • 2281 When Depth Graph has no data, on the top of the Depth window the characters "Depth ..." and the depth scale on the right side are added;
  • 2282 The previous selected icon is used instead of the default icon when placing Waypoint;
  • 2283 System Test shows the NTSL (NT Software Library) version;
  • 2285 The Route List page is expanded to full screen;
  • 2286 The possibility to set from Setup Menu/Alarms the Depth Alarm option On/Off is added. The default Setting is Off;
  • 2287 The Depth Graph is extended to full screen. Press 'MENU' key + 'Pages' soft key + 'More...' + 'Depth'. Three new soft keys appear:
    1. Press 'Full' to show Depth Graph in Full mode ('Spilt' soft key appears: by pressing it the graph returns in split screen mode).
    2. Press 'Wind' to select the Wind Functions.
    3. Press 'Back' to return to previous soft keys allocation.
  • 2293 In the Setup Menu/Input-Output Menu the Printer Output baud rate option is added. It permits to set the desired value for the baud rate to the output printer (the items are: OFF, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 - the default is OFF);
  • 2294 It is possible to change route legs color whithout changing Waypoints color;
  • 2295 It is possible to choose a different color for every single route or Waypoint or Mark or Event;
  • 670 German language has been added;
  • 1937 The previous selected icon is used instead of the default icon when placing Mark and Event;
  • 2151 Danish language has been added;
  • 2228 Greek language has been inserted;
  • 2229 Finnish language has been inserted;
  • 2233 Enter Setup Menu, select Display Setup Menu and then Course Line: Infinite is added to the available choices;
  • 2243 In the Input/Output Menu the (4800-N82-N), (4800-N82-I), (9600-N81-N), (9600-N81-I), OFF choices are added to NMEA0183 PORT1 and NMEA0183 PORT2 items;
  • 2244 The Depth graph page is added. Press 'MENU' key + 'PAGES'soft key + 'GRAPH'soft key to select Depth graph;
  • 2103 In the NMEA-0183 APA output sentence the Cross Track Error resolution is increased from 0.1 Nm to 0.001 Nm;
  • 2107 In the Settings Color Menu it is possible to select a different color for every single track;
  • 2111 Backlight handling for LCD TFT Color 300 nits;
  • 2116 The default setting for Alternate Solution is changed to On;
  • 2117 In the Chart Operating System page upgraded the date of the Copyright (from 1998 to 1999);
  • 679 Spanish language has been added;
  • 1821 In the Title page the C-MAP NT logo has been added;
  • 1893 When the soft key window bar is open, allows the scroll when the cursor reaches the window border;
  • 2063 In Text Area time display is added
  • 2065 The message "ENTER to continue" is added in the Warning page;
  • 2066 The sequence of the pages selected by pressing the 'NEXT SCREEN' soft key is changed as the following:
    1. 1st page: Navigation Data page;
    2. 2st page: Graphic Data page;
    3. 3st page: GPS Data page.
  • 2068 In Navigation mode the ship symbol can be displayed in two different modes: 1) the ship symbol is always in the center of the screen; 2) when the ship symbol is in the center, moves to the edge of the screen and then redraws;
  • 677 Norwegian language has been added;
  • 1867 It is possible to edit Event symbol;
  • 1870 Pan on Fix does not change operation mode;
  • 1871 Two digits to TDs readout in all places are added;
  • 1872 NMEA output messages send 5 sentences every function call to speed up the output;
  • 1873 Distance data output are with 1/1000of a mile;
  • 1874 The XTE has 3 decimal digits;
  • 1876 The anchor position is identified by placing a circle with a radius equal to the alarm set;
  • 1883 In the Mark List, a circle surrounding the user point symbol to identify the current Target is added;
  • 1887 When you insert the Waypoint to the route the pop-up window is displayed: it is possible to edit symbol, name and Latitude/Longitude;
  • 1892 If in Navigation mode and switch to Charting mode, the cursor stays at the same position;
  • 1893 When the soft key window bar is open, allows the scroll when the cursor reaches the window border;
  • 1894 In Navigation mode it is not possible to do pan on coordinates. Press 'PAN' soft key and then the 'REMOTE' soft key. The chart plotter remains in Navigation mode and emits three beeps;
  • 1899 In the Track Setting window (selected by the 'MORE', 'TRACK' and 'CONFIG' soft keys) the message "ENTER to accept" is replaced by the "ENTER to edit" message;
  • 1910 A beep when the 'ENTER' key is pressed while entering Anchor/XTE/Arrival Alarms is added;
  • 1911 When in Navigation mode On and no Target, the DST and BRG are TO CURSOR, like in Charting;

Seiwa Product labels and Product Code position

Here below how to find the Product Code (Rif. Mod.) you need to download the correct software for upgrade your unit.

IAPAC label
IAPAC label

EMEA old label
EMEA old label

EMEA current label
EMEA label

Software check

Where may I find the software model and version?

Both software model and version can be found in the general system information page. To access this page:

press MENU and go to “About..” selection in the line labeled “Software”. The row contains both software model, version and release date:

ie: S5EGSWCTC V16.21.00R [03/09/2010]
  • S5EGSWCTC it's the software model
  • V16.21.00R it's the software version
  • [03/09/2010] it's the release date

Seiwa About Page

C-Map by Jeppesen C-CardC-Map by Jeppesen cartridges Note for instruments which use C-Card

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To update units which use C-Card is mandatory to visit a C-Map DPS Center .

If you want to know the nearest C-Map DPS Center, uou have to CONTACT JEPPESEN and select Region (top right menu: "Change Region").

Jeppesen homepage - DPS Centers list

Update procedure description
  1. Download the ZIP file;
  2. Copy the ZIP file in a USB key;
  3. Visit a C-MAP DPS Center;
  4. The DPS Center procedure:
  5. Open the DPS tool;
  6. Select “tools”;
  7. Select “program software cartridge”;
  8. Insert an empty C-Card into the reader (the cartridge will be usable again after this procedure);
  9. Open the ZIP file with the SWX file inside;
  10. Select “open”;
  11. Select “Ok” and start programming;
  12. Insert the programmed C-Card into the unit (turned off);
  13. Switch the unit on;
  14. Wait till the unit will upload the new software. In 5 minutes the unit will start working as usual;
  15. Switch the unit off;
  16. Pull out the C-Card from the unit;
  17. Switch the unit on in "system test mode”; pressing and holding any other key, turn the chart plotter on;
  18. Do the Clear Ram procedure (it will cancel all user points, tracks and routs in the unit);
  19. Switch the unit off and then on again;
  20. Now the unit is completelly updated;


The Software
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