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P2MGS000SE SW1201 Seawave SD 专业級多功能海图机 (不含 GPS天线)
P2MHT20ASE SW501i 多功能海图机 (英文版)
P3MC1000SE Explorer 23
P3MC100ESE Explorer 23 with GPS Antenna
P3MC100XSE Explorer 23 + RC45 Remote Control
P3MJ420WSE FT70 多点触控海图仪
P3MN100WSE SWx 1200w
P3MR200WSE SWx 900w
CBC0FS0804 I/O & supply cable 8 pins
CBCCFS0801 GPS 15米电缆
HBS51AD Radar Braket
K10QDB004A 快速安装支架及电缆
K10QDB100A Quick Disconnect Bracket - FT 70
KATDAM0P58 Airmar P58 传感器
KATDAM0P79 Airmar P79 D 50/200 8M XID 传感器
UX0CL100SE HB10 连接盒
UX0CR100SE HB20 WiFi 连接路由器
UX0RK100SE RC45 WIFI 遙控器
UXAGSG40SE GPS Antenna M8-24
KAKSW030SE SW AP05 12v 自动导航仪
KAKSW032SE SW AP03 24v 自动导航仪
P2CHT20ESE SW501ce 鱼探海图一体机 (英文版)
P3CR200WSE SWx 900cw
JEPPLOCAL C-MAP by Jeppesen C-Card 本地海图
JEPPMEGA C-Map by Jeppesen C-Card 特大海图
JEPPWIDE C-Map by Jeppesen C-Card 大型海图
KAAIS000SX-T Si-Tex MDA-1 Metadata Class B AIS Transceiver
KAKSW041SE Si-Tex 航海士 1700/50/200T-CX 传感器
KAKSW042SE SI-TEX 航海士 250/50/200ST 艉板安装传感器
KAKSW043SE-T Si-Tex 航海士 MDA-3 Metadata AIS 零损耗天线分配器
UX0RDR51SE Si-Tex T-761 touch & 24-inch multi-speed radar 24NM radome antenna

SEIWA SRL Via Monte Bianco, 2/A 20149 MILANO
Head Office: Via Crispi, 6 90900 MB (MI) ITALY
Tel. +39 039 91 51 273 Fax +39 039 91 51 274
C.F./P. IVA: 05868170969
CCIAA / N REA: MI 1855000

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